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An Advance payment upon reservations is required; at least 50% of the total rental value must be paid upon reservation. Confirmation of reservation will be issued by DBAYE FISHING CLUB either in its' facilities or sent by Email upon receipt of deposit. 
In case of failure of payment of the said deposit within 24 hours following the date of booking, DBAYE FISHING CLUB reserves all rights of canceling such booking and will be considered in release of any commitment related to it.

Reservations can be canceled up to 72 hours prior to date of departure, in such case 10% of the total rental value will be due to DBAYE FISHING CLUB as a Cancellation Penalty, such penalty could be retained from the deposit.
-DBAYE FISHING CLUB, is entitled to keep the totality of the deposit if reservations are canceled in less than 72 hours prior to date of departure.
-DBAYE FISHING CLUB, in a concern to the safety of its valuable clients and staff, Reserves the right to cancel  upon its own discretion any and all reservation(s) in the event of occurrence of inappropriate natural conditions, strong waves, bad weather, high wind etc....
In such case the customer will have the choice between the following options:
-Option 1: full refund of deposit
-Option 2: reschedule the reservation upon DBAYE FISHING CLUB availability.

All payments must be paid in cash or personal check at the facilities of DBAYE FISHING CLUB at the La Marina Joseph Khoury, or by wire transfer to the following address: Audi Bank ACC: Dbaye Fishing Club S.A.R.L  (330226) IBAN LB04 0056 0003 3022 6461 0020 1002 SWIFT CODE: AUDBLBBX 
Remaining payment must be  paid at the time of  departure in Cash or personal check.

Names and Surnames of all participants + one contact number must be sent to
booking@dbayefishingclub 72 hours prior to time of
departure, to grant access to our customers at the La Marina Joseph Khoury.

-Cruising All departures are from La Marina Joseph Khoury to either Batroun in the North or Jiyeh in the South, any changes to these will result in additional fuel charge.
-Fishing Departures are from port of Aboud to either Jounieh bay in the North or Bay of Beirut in the South, No changes to this Itinerary are accepted.Tuna fishing depart from La Marina Joseph Khoury, usually practiced 10Km offshore between the tip of Beirut and Cheka, additional fuel cost is applied on tuna fishing.
Daily Fishing Schedules: From 07:00 to 12:00 - 13:00 to 18:00 - 19:00 to 00:00 - 01:00 to 06:00 For different schedules please contact us in advance.

There are no refunds on early returns.

Damages to equipments and/or boats will result in additional charges.

assumes no liability for safety of the  persons  onboard  or around the boats.

Think Safety First while on or around the water!


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