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Common names: Sand Steen brass, Arabic: Marmour
Environment:     Sandy bottom
Depth range:   Usually from 5 to 20 m
Technique:    Bottom fishing, Bates: special marine worms
Max size:     30 cm,  common size: 20 cm
  September to March, nighttime
Common names: Snowy Grouper, Arabic: Lekos Ramly
Environment:    Reef associated  marine, rocky bottom
Depth range:   Usually from 8 to 100 m
Technique:    Jigging, Bottom fishing especial artificial bates, sardines
Max size:    70 cm, common size: 25 cm
 All year, daytime / nighttime
Common names: Narrow Barred Spanish mackerel, Arabic: Abou Sen
Environment:    Open sea, deep blue 
Dept range:    Usually from10 To 70m
Technique:   Trolling,  Live bates or especial artificial bates
Max size:    100 cm common size 40 cm
July to March, daytime
Common names: Dusky Grouper, Arabic: Hafash
Environment:    Deep sea rocky bottom
Depth range:  Usually from 30 to 70 m
Technique:   Jigging, bottom fishing bates: sardines
Max size:    122 cm, common size:60 cm
All year, daytime / nighttime
Common names: Skipjack tuna fish, Arabic: Balamida
Environment:    Open sea, deep blue
Depth range:   Usually from 10 to 50 m
Technique:    Trolling, Casting, Bates: Special artificial bates, sardines
Max size:     120 cm, common  80 cm
May to August, daytime / nighttime - September to November, daytime.
Common names: BogueFish, Arabic: Ghobos
Environment:   Rocky / Sandy bottom
Depth range:  Usually from 1 To 100 m
Technique:   Bottom fishing Bates: shrimps, marine worms
Max size:    25 cm, common size, 15 cm
All year, daytime / nighttime
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